Tiles, trays and keepsakes

Welcome to my gift page.

Many of the trays posted here have gone to their forever homes.  However, I like to use those as examples of something you would like.  If it is a print that you have seen on this site, I can reproduce it exactly….a painting is another thing.  I hope you find something  in these photos that will inspire you to collaborate with me to make something truly unique and totally yours.

The Family Tray
If you are interested in having a Family Tray created for you or as a gift, there are a few things to keep in mind:
1. Collect all your pictures. Having the same size photos, preferably 4×4 inch is best, but other sizes will work.
2. Select and scan your photos for emailing to me. I try not to use the actual photo. Many older photos have a very low DPIs (dots per inch). The lower the DPI, the poorer a reproduction will be. I can adjust some photo DPIs and well and changing color photos to black and white if this is your choice
3. From the point of photo selection, to final proof of photo placement, to pouring the resin and curing, can take at lease 2 weeks.
4. This period of time makes it essential to order trays at least three weeks before the time needed.

5. Contact me for more information



Thank you, Lisa, for sharing this pic of your parents and their Christmas Tray.