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What is Quilling

Quilling is an ancient art form dating as far back at the 13th Century.  Usually completed by the high born ladies and religious to replicate those filigree shapes found in costly ivory and iron. Some astounding examples of this remain today and can be found in  museums around the world.  There are some fine examples in the Vatican as well as in museums in North America.  

Created with tiny pieces of paper, trimmed from  the gilded edges of bibles and books,  twisted around the “quills of a goose” to enhance and illuminate certificates, boxes, caskets, documents, and jewelry.  

Extremely time consuming in some cases, but worth it when the outcome results in ordinary things changed into beautiful art.

The photos below are some examples of antique quilling from the 16th Century that remain in museums in the United States and Europe.  Since World War II, the Japanese people have adopted this art form and have developed it into a cottage industry.




Below are examples of how a 4×6 letter can be personally decorated with that special persons favorite colors.  Maybe you want it to reflect a certain season?  Maybe you are thinking about a double monogram? I try my best to be consistent with pricing.

A 4×6 letter is 24 square inches. I charge $.70 per square inch and round up.   Additional cost for framing.