Floral Prints

Stop by frequently to see the additions and the changes!  If interested in purchasing a print, and you don’t want a digital print sent directly to your computer, I know a guy that can help you out!

All of my renderings can be printed as giclee prints on archival acid free papers.  I use a professional printer in San Antonio, Texas.  I have used him for years, and think he does the best print work around.   The prices of the prints will vary according to the size of the print.  You can check out their prices and work at

https://www. finerworks.com

For example:

An 8×10 rendering printed on archival acid free paper sent to your home would cost approximately $20 not including tax and postage.

Any questions?  Don’t be shy.  Contact me and lets throw some art around!


All of my prints can be used to compliment a variety of things like purses, towels, rugs, clothing, even shoes.  If you would like to try your hand at creating something your self, go to my store at Morgan’s Mercantile.  Just click  on the link below: