Alcohol Inks

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Alcohol ink (AI) is an amazing medium.   It has a power of its own, and will exert that power leaving you, at times, frustrated and breathless tossed to the curb!  It demands it’s own ground, and if you try to control it, ultimately it controls you.  These are not your mothers water colors!  I hope you enjoy this group of AI paintings.  I would love to hear your comments.


 There is a series of them that I will be including over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!  In addition, you can see how simple it is to create something so beautiful with very little effort.  Let me know how you liked the videos.



  1. A selection of inks.  They come three to a pack, and they are compatible colors.  Pick your favorite ones to start.  There are several makers of inks, but to be safe, start with the Ranger or Tim Holtz Brand.  Then you can branch out from there.
  2. A nice big bottle of alcohol.  Try to get the highest percentage you can find – Dollar Store
  3. A spray bottle that will do a fine spray – Dollar  Store
  4. Gloves
  5. A nice big white and if you can find it, a black tile.  
  6. Just to play with, you might want to get a shiny black gift bag or a piece of shiny slick vinyl used for one of those cri-cut machines.
  7. If you have a can of air, that would be super, but if not, a straw will do nicely.  You might use baby nasal bulb or a camera bulb that will puff air.  If your hubby has an air compressor out in the garage, you might ask to borrow it.
  8. Wear old clothes and protect your surroundings.  Tape up old newspapers around the walls and on the floor.
  9. Make sure your room is well ventilated.  You can get a little light headed using the alcohol inks.
  10. Email me you contact information and I will send you a free 144 page eBook full of inspiration, tips and tricks, and beautiful art work.
  11. Later in your journey with the inks you will want to try your hand at resins.  My favorite resin to use is Art Resin.  There is no smell, and it will not turn yellow in a few years.  It gives a glass like finish with very little prep time.  The folks who own the Art Resin company just put out a new how-to use book that I think you will find very helpful:
  12. I also suggest you get and read the books Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and The War of Art by Stephen Pressman.  Both can be bought used from Amazon for just a few dollars used.  You won’t be sorry
  13. An while you are waiting for the tutorials to show up, I have included a TED Talk.  Elizabeth Gilbert is funny and so very insightful when it comes to those of us with a need to create.  I hope you enjoy it.

Samples of my work:

First day of School

As promised,  the first tutorial is up  on the web site.  But first, I am including the hand out I referenced in the video.

Video 1 is Intro to the Inks.  I is a very basic video, going from the ground up.  It covers SOME of the equipment I use (I love Mr. Clean!), and some tips and tricks to cut the cost of creating beautiful art.

Video 2 is an intro to making a flower

Video 3 is  an intro to a landscape

Video 4 is a video showing the use of our art to decorate and personalize items for gifts for others and our selves.  I will include how to have your art printed on clothe.

Video 5 will cover preparation and pouring of Art Resin while making a tray or a gift box.

Video 6 will be up to you!  Your showcase of work, and your requests.


Alcohol Ink Class

GerryJo Morgan



In this class, you will learn the introductory steps to creating a beautiful work of art with Alcohol Inks (AI).  You will also receive my tips and tricks to help make this experience fun.  If it’s not fun, then why are you here?

I would like to refer you to a web site where you can up load a free 114 page e-book on using AI.

If you feel like your creative side has been awakened, here are some things that may help you –

  1. Think out of the box before you buy those expensive addons – like stampers, and the disposable pads, stencils, blending solutions, etc
  2. Go to the hardware store and look around for things to use before buying expensive art ware…adhesive felt in a role can be cut to make the tops of amber medicine bottles stampers and daubers. WAY CHEAPER.
  3. If you have a hot glue gun and a silicone baking sheet, you can make your own stencils
  4. Blending solution recipe: 12 drops of green antifreeze into 3 oz of 91% alcohol
  5. Go to Goodwill and look for an inexpensive lazy susan – just give it a spin as you drop ink
  6. Read “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. You will not regret it. You may also wish to watch the follow TED talk on YouTube:
  7. If you have access to FB, there are many FB sites that focus on the art of Alcohol Inks. Just type in Alcohol Ink in the search engine.
  8. com is a disease that effects cattle but it’s also a great site to find beautiful wood boxes, frames and metal ware to enhance your tiles.
  9. There are a number of apps that are available which can add to your enjoyment of this medium.
  10. Staples or one of the other office supply stores can scan your art into a USB drive if you don’t have a scanner at home. Then you can plug in your USB into your computer and play with your art.
  11. There are many resources you can use to have your art printed on pillows, phone cases, etc – Zazzle, RedBubble, cafePress, Fine Art America, etc.
  12. If you want your art printed on archival papers, I have found great resources –,,
  13. Don’t forget to go to YouTube for more learning opportunities. I have several there you can watch, along with some really talented artists like June Rollins, Jewel Buhay, Time Holtz, and Debs Creative Paws.  They are some of the best and a good place to start.
  14. To seal tiles before using them, decide first how you plan to use them:

If you are going to use them as coasters, seal them first with Krylon Kamar – several light coats.  Let them cure for about 24 hours then spray with your Krylon Varnish.  Wait several days for a good seal before using. Then you can pour resin if you like.

If you are going to use as a trivet, do all of the above, but your last seal should be with several coats of spray brake paint. The other sprays and resins above will not protect your creation from high heat. The brake spray will protect up to 5000 degrees.  You can purchase the clear at AutoZone or a similar store – or my stand by – Amazon.

If they are going to be exposed to the sun (a real bummer) AI will fade.) make sure you spray with a good UltraViolet Protection spray – also available at Amazon or Jerry’s Artarama

If you decide to scan your creation onto the computer, use the setting set at 600dpi or greater to get the sharpest detail.

Did you enjoyed this class, please let me know?  I am available for private group get togethers (church, book club, employee bonding).  I just need a few days of prep time, and the approximate number attending to gather my materials.   Cost varies depending on the number attending and the location.

If you have any questions, please ask.   I would love if you leave a comment.

I thank you so much for coming.


I am sorry this video is of poor quality.  I promise to do better on the others.  YouTube was gracious enough to process for me and it appears to have added some of my other videos.  You can find my on YouTube at my channel Gerry Morgan

Intro to Basics – Alcohol Inks

Video Two is posted.

Lets  make a beautiful flower