About the Artist and her Art

About Gerryjo:

Geraldine Josephine Smyth , born and raised in St Louis MO, is a nurse.   Strangers would describe her as that friendly little gray haired lady who likes to draw. She is pretty good at drawing,  throwing alcohol ink around, surprisingly good at crochet, and very bad at reading music. She is well-liked by most dogs, but art judges – not so much!  Not very competitive by nature, so will never win a juried show…but that’s not why GerryJo creates. 

About Gerryjo’s art:

Basic.  Nothing fancy….well, it could be when she lets the Creative Genius Muse assume her rightful position.  Her art fills the need of the artist as well as the patron.  Depth is minimal, but joy abounds in abundance.

If she had been born a few years earlier, she would have been one of those little known hard working artists turning out copy for the local department stores.  But that wasn’t in the cards. 

She found her way back the drawing board after a long drought, but she did find her way.