You just never know what a day will bring!

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Today was the first Intro to Digital Drawing at the gallery. I think it went well. When the 6 students left, they all drew the same poppy flower with layers, used multiple tools, made a video of their work and seemed to be excited about working with the Sketch Club app. There is a steep learning curve in becoming comfortable drawing with pixels, but it shouldn’t take them long of playing with the app to start pouring out their own masterpieces I know they will be proud of.

After finishing the class, the owner of the gallery informed me I had sold two paintings! I almost fainted. Six paintings sold since the start of the year. I am slowly learning that in order to sell paintings, and I suppose any art for that matter, you must find your audience. That is the hard part. Since 2015, I have been selling through consignment, and through the market with limited success – a few pieces here and there, as long as the price was dirt cheap. What I mean by dirt cheap, is that I sold the art at a huge loss. I reconcile that in my mind by reminding myself that I was getting exposure, if not sales (Yes, I know I was lying to myself to sooth my ego. You can’t measure exposure in relation to the quality of your art, and the quantity sold.)

So like before, the pieces that sold today have been shown in no less than five different venues, over a period of three years, not counting the weekly farmers market. The right person, at the right time, in the right place – BOOM – painting sold. I am very grateful.

Here are the ones that sold today, if you are interested.

Nauhahuna Beach
Kure Beach

Well, I really must go now and prep for the next class…Alcohol inks and crochet are coming up – can’t wait!

Have a great week end y’all and Thanks for stopping by!


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