Another Day and More Art

Thank you all who commented about my last blog post.  I struggle to to find a place and time to blog, not to mention getting over what to blog about.  So, letting the Other take control, I will show what I have been up to for the past few weeks.  And thank you for not correcting my South St.Louis grammar.

I discovered some new “room frames” that are just too much fun to play with.  I hope you like what I am posting.  Please let me know.  I enjoy bringing you to my work class and showing the others where you all live and blog.  


This is Blu Lou.  Its a digital print I created a few years ago during a “I wanna go home” pity party.

This is a very calm and quiet digital zentangle I created, and then filtered to achieve this soft floral.

This is called “Low Winter Sun”….also a digital drawing without filter or enhancements.

Heron I and II

These are called Heron I and II because I have no idea what else to title them. I love this pair, and have altered them significantly over the years. They are born of the digital process and without enhancements applied.

I hope you enjoyed this little gallery visit. Let me know what you think. And just to let you know, I saved you from my rant about the US Government shutdown…art is more refined and pleasant to speak of early in the morning.

Take care!


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