More Art for crying out loud

I think it was goal #2 – I was going to include some art in every blog I write. So, here, on this early Monday morning, I will be including some of my latest pieces of art. If you are so inclined, I would like your opinion of drawings done digitally. Not photo shopped as we say. Just drawings using a virtual canvas and digitally created colors. I would be interested in hearing from you.

The thing is this – some folks do not recognize digital art. My experience is that if it is entered into a juried show, it is considered photography. I am no a photographer. I don’t think photographers draw their art…they do much more complicated things to make art. I am really curious as to what you think about pixels being art – art without oils or water colors.

Two Parrots
Two Foxes
Snappy Dragons


    1. Thank you Kay for commenting on the blog. I am new at this, and its still strange to manipulate this WordPress platform, plus, trying to figure out what to write about!

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