Another begining

Good Morning New Year and Dear Reader;

My goal for 2019 is to take the measured amount of time to successfully write 2019 the first time without correction.  Don’t judge.  It’s a beginning.

My second goal for 2019 is to make sure every blog I write will at least include my art.  The tangents will come, but only after I include my art.  It’s important.  (HINT: Skip to the end!)

My third goal is to begin to be kinder.  This is going to be challenge.  I really find it hard to be kind, and all this means to folks that are or have been unkind to me.  That old saying “Bite me once, is okay.  Bite me twice, shame on me.”  But that is not being kind.  Don’t judge, it’s complicated.

My fourth goal is to learn forgiveness.  Not as easy at is sounds.  When I attempt a new task, I always try to take it apart, look at the pieces, and then reassemble.  Try to do this with forgiveness.  I can tell you it’s tough.  There is more than just saying I forgive you, you are forgiven, or please forgive me.  Way more.  What is behind those words, how do you mentally put that into truth, when do you tell someone or ask for forgiveness, why do you ask, what is at stake in the relationship, what is gained, is it worth opening the forgiveness box, will the other person understand, will the other person think they have won, will this be just an act of “who blinks first”.  I don’t know what true forgiveness looks like or what it’s supposed to feel like.  Should it be like a case of amnesia?  I say, “forgive me” or “I forgive you”, followed by a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders, and the sound of trumpets in the distance? Or is there just dead air space followed by nothing?

My fifth goal, as you may have guessed dear reader, is to stop analyzing everything to the end degree. Once again, don’t judge.  It’s really complicated on my end. 

So how am I doing now with eight hours of 2019 under my belt?  Well, I have completed Goal #1 three times. 

Haven’t started on Goal #3, #4 or #5 yet, but the day is long.

For Goal #2, I am including some of my drawings from December 2018.  Let me know if you like them.  The ones included here are the digital drawings.  I haven’t done much with the painting over the last few months, but I will begin again this month. 

Thank you for making it to the end!


The most important day of your life is the day you were born and the day you finally figure out why.

Mark Twain

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