No Response so no title

Good morning everyone!

I have gathered you all here this morning because I need some sage advice.  So here’s the thing:

I am a small member of a small farmers market board, in a small town.  I sell my art there on Saturday mornings.  We are currently having an issue with the phrase “What the Market will Bear.”  Traditionally, (10 years) we have never had more that 2 egg sellers or 2 honey merchants.  The Board believes that having another egg seller, or a third honey seller will hurt the market.  Now we have a third honey seller who wants to sell at the market, and she is being told she will not be permitted to sell because of this.

My argument is that there has never been a way to determine what the market will bear because it was never challenged.  But it is falling on deaf ears.  Is there any way to win this argument without creating  a sore paw?

Thank you in advance for any input you can supply.


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