Elections, rejections, and fecal impactions

Is it possible in my life time to have an election without controversy, false advertising, advertising ad nausea um, stupid slogans, polarization, and even stupider (is that a word?) people running for office for which they are under qualified?  Do I vote for Mr.Dumb or Ms.Dumbier?  Everyone wants to get rich off selling my flesh by the pound to the highest bidder.

Here’s the other thing that has me scratching my head.  In the mail last week, I receive two  letters addressed to me from “Lionel Dripps” and a “Carrie Clark”.  He is the grand-pooba of the Center for Voter Information and she is the grand-poo-bette for the League of Conservation Voters.  Who on earth funds these folks?  Anyway, Lionel proceeds, in a very non manipulative manner, explaining I am a part of their study.  My voting record isn’t that great,  they are going to watch to see if I vote, and if I don’t vote, they will call me to find out why.  Really?  I never told them I wanted to be a part of their ridiculous study.  Pretty nervy! And it gets better.  Carrie Clark lists my state voting record.  She includes dates that I voted when I wasn’t living in this state.  Yes, in 2012 I voted, but in 2014 I did’t vote.  Hmmm.  We didn’t move to NC until late 2013.  I’m pretty sure I voted in 2014.

So I attempt to fact check them on both of their claims.  Of course, Lionel has no contact information.  I did manage to find some information on him, and as you guessed, he is a scammer.  I did find contact information for Carrie, but was unable to speak with her.  Her office is open from 9a-5p, Monday thru Friday per the answering machine.  Of course, why would anyone be there to answer a call at 3p?  So I left a message.  Anyone want to bet me a lottery ticket that I never hear from her.

I voted early.  It I had not voted early, I would have just stayed home and not voted.  Whats the point.  This just adds to the miasma stench radiating off all of our elected officials.  Where is the leadership, where are the statesmen? The level of trust is gone, and I have no idea how or if it will ever return.

God Bless America

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