Just a real Pissy Way to Start October

Yesterday, way back there in September, we went to the store.  Now you must know that we went to the most expensive grocery store in our area because we were going to buy fish, and this store has the freshest.  Then, while we were there we would just pick up a few incidental things.  Yes, to the tune of $212 of incidental things.  Got home, lugged everything in from the car, and got them into the fridge or freezer.   Yes, that was in idyllic September.  Sometime during the night, the freezer died.  My ice maker melted all over my hardwood floors, and the Rocky Road is now Rocky Puddle.

This Whirlpool boat anchor was 5 years old.  There is no reason in the world for any appliance that costs $3300 to expire in 5 years.  Of course the warranty ended 8 months ago. So did the three year extended warranty.  If Mr. Whirlpool was here right now, I would poke him in the eye.

Then, I get the invoice from Etsy.  Yes, I am one of those fools that thought “Oh, let me sell my art on Etsy.  It will be a great thing.  People in search of affordable original art will flock to my site and buy the digital downloads to hang in their trendy lofts”  Can we say ghost town, tumbleweeds, whistling winds?  Been open since June.  Sold two trays and no prints.  That’s fine.  I’m good.  But I am tired of bleeding money into someone else’s pocket. I’m keeping it open until after the holidays cause word on the street is this is the time when it will all be worth it.  We will see.

I don’t want to sound disingenuous,  because of no sales.  But Etsy makes this process of selling on their site so ponderous, that a one woman shop doesn’t have a chance at success.  How do you get found if there are thousands of others doing the same thing?  Not only that, but you have to research keywords and engage Google Adwords ($$$$), and then to keep relevant, you have to keep researching keywords as the Etsy algorithm changes almost weekly, make your titles longer, then make them shorter, and then you need to change offerings as the seasons change, and then there is the photography ($$$$$) and Instagram and Pinterest  which you must post on several times a day to the point of becoming OCD.  And then there is the bookkeeping.  I am not an accountant.  I am a nurse and a creative.  I do not balance my checkbook, but I can figure an IV drip rate without much difficulty.  The Feds didn’t help things when the passed the law that all online business are responsible for paying sales and use tax to the state where the purchase was made – thank you Amazon for failing to use your clout to smash this one.  Do you have any idea how many tax rates are in each state?  Well, NC alone has at least 8 of them that vary .5-1% of the purchase price.  Of course, accountants do not volunteer their work, so that is another bleed into a pocket not mine.

Shall I whine on….

The Hurricane – Florence, to be a little familiar with the beast – blew the leaves right off my recently planted wisteria vine.  Yes, it gets worse and I am still very verklempt about this issue – I volunteered my efforts to the Red Cross.  This occurred before Flo had land fall.  Being in NC, I knew there was going to be a need for nurses, so unselfish as I am, I thought I would get a jump on it.  I am retired, I have no life, but I would like to have some control on what little I have of it.  I filed all the paper work.  I got a notice the Red Cross got my information, and they would let me know when the background check was finished.  A few hours later, the email came over and said I was good to go.  Stay tuned for the next email.  From that point on, the Red Cross has asked me to register as a volunteer no less than 6 times.  After I filled out the forms for the 4th time, and received a calendar of areas and shifts to sign on for, I made the huge mistake of asking for direction to one of the health clinics.  Lo and behold, it threw me back into the “Thanks For Your Interest in Volunteering for The Red Cross.  Please fill out the application and we will get back to you after we do your back ground check.”  I finally gave up.  Then last Friday, I get a call.  Guess who from – yep, that crazy bunch at the Red Cross.  This sweet little gal on the other end of the phone started to ask me if I would be interested in becoming a volunteer for The Red Cross.  They had openings as an air port greeter and a transport person.  With my most reserved voice I explained to her my dilemma.  With a gasp (and I could just see grabbing her chest and her clutching her pearls!) in a very loud voice says, “YOU’RE A NURSE! We need nurses.  I will have someone call you back.”  That was three days ago.  So far, I have received three more applications to join the Red Cross.  I am pretty sure,  I am finished with this, too!

This is not an ad, but if you are interested in looking at my crap that nobody wants, you should be able to pull it up at this address – do let me know what you think.



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