Ms Florence and Squeek

And so Florence made landfall with a wimper as Cat 1 – not to degrade her presentation and reputation – she still packed a wallop as a Cat 1, and continues to wail like a banshee, but a Cat 4 as predicted would have blown NC off the map.  Some of the coastal piers have all but disappeared, flash flooding in the lowlands, power down for a few hundred thousand folks, but so far, no issues with evacuations or tornadoes.  I am one grateful gal.

All night I worried about Squeek.  Where would she go with all this wind?  She weighs less than an ounce (officially 8/10th of an ounce).  The winds were reaching speeds greater than 25 mph.  I had visions of finding her little body plastered to the siding.  My imagination was on overload. I blamed myself for not finding a way to trap her to keep her safe.

Early this morning the  wind and the rain were bearing down.  My potted fig tree flew out of the pot.  My big brave dogs refused to go outside to pee.  BUT  Squeek and a friend were doing the Flying-J maneuver and feeding as if it was a sunny day in the neighborhood. There they were doing their best Cirque du Soleil act.  Imagine trying to stick a straw into a soda can while it’s being blown about in a storm. I have to tell you I have a new appreciation for those flying cigar butts!  Honestly, they are truly amazing little critters.

As the storm continues to progress today,  I will be keeping up with my little friend, Squeek.


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