Charlotte and Squeek, Part II

Honestly, there is no delight greater than Momma Nature.  She never ceases to amaze.

Today my self-taught class in the  use of my new DSLR Canon Rebel T6 began with earnest.  I specifically wanted this camera because of the WiFi control.  That being said, I haven’t done a thing with the app or the wifi.  But I have been taking a huge batch of pictures of Squeek and her tribe.

But let me backtrack here.  I know absolutely nothing about photography, dslr, f-stops, shutter speeds, or ISO (in my world it means “in search of”, which isn’t to far off of the photography meaning for me!).  Everything I learn is by trial and error, which I suppose is the best way for this adult learner to learn.  So the first batch of photos of the hummingbirds were phlops (another word I made up for photo flops.)  I shot from the automatic setting, and got nothing but blurry looking flying cigar butts.


Then I decided to google “How do I use my Rebel T6 to shoot Hummers?”.  Well, let me tell you there is plenty of help out there if you know a bit of photography speak.  I don’t, but I managed to get through a few of the articles and gleaned a bit of understanding.  I felt like I was in a foreign country asking Juan Carlos how to build an analtooter.  It seems that even experienced photographers with expensive equipment have difficulty getting a great shot of a Hummer.  What on earth could I manage to get?

I decided before going back out into the wilds of my front porch, I would need to eat at least two left over cupcakes from this weekend.  After fortify myself with those and a cup of coffee, I grabbed the Reb and off I went to my lawn chair poised directly in front of the hummingbird feeder.  Once I made myself at home, I held on to the Reb, flipped the “mode” nob to the icon that looked like a running man falling over on his side – that was suppose to be the automatic sport mode.  I figured if it was designed  to capture a football team making a run, surely it would capture a hummer.

So I waited.

A guy walking his dog in front of the house, saw me with the camera, which happened to be pointed in his general direction.  He waved at me and said “I have bags, I’ll pick up any mess she leaves!”  I thought that was a great idea, since he is the one that normally leaves the contribution on the lawn anyway.  If I made him feel like I was out to catch him in the act – even better.  I gave him a friendly wave and he and his little friend walked on.

Just about then, I heard the song of the hummingbird.  Not sure why they are called Humming, because it’s really a squeeeeeek!  Three were swooping in at 9 o’clock.  I was ready.  With my Reb poised tightly in my hand, supported by my arms held securely to my sides, and the view finder resting over my right eye, I hit the button and fired off a dozen shots.  Then waited.  One more came in at 2 o’oclock.  I fired off anther dozen shots.

Driven by curiosity, I left the porch for the computer room so I could review what I hoped with some really great shots.


This was one of the first shots of the second round.  I don’t know about you, but I think this is like at least an 85% improvement.  I also think me and my little Reb are in for some big fun this fall.

Tomorrow, Charlotte will get some love, if I can coach her out of the bush she has been living in since the earlier tragedy.

Thanks for stopping by.  I am open to any tips or suggestions you can pass on, and very eager to learn!


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