Blog and Flog Part II

(Just a mention ……big storm happening now.  Lots of thunder and lightening.  So if I get knocked off the web, and if the program doesn’t draft me, I will be back after I regain my composure.  I have been side swiped by lightening three times in my life, and I am not trying for four.)

Before I get too far into all of this, I just want you to know this is going to be a gripe session, a pity party, or what ever you want to call unabashed self defacement.  (See, I make up words and spell check loves them!)

I am a digital artist.  I am other kinds too, but mostly digital.  I don’t Photoshop my renderings.  I draw free hand using the virtual canvas and colors God gave me.  Can anyone give me a good explanation why juried art shows will not consider my work?  The juried shows want originals.  I suppose I could give them my iPad, because that’s the only place some of my art can boast originality. If I had unlimited income, I would do that very thing.  However, living on a fixed income and budget, I have to submit a print, which the judges just pass on.

You know those prints ain’t cheap, Mcgee!  I us and they do a fabulous job.  They have called me to tell me to re look at a download because I failed to put my signature on the saved jpeg.  That is going the extra mile for your clients.  But they are expensive, compared to Walmart One-Hour glossy 0.09 cent specials.  And that is just too much to waste on a judge who will just toss the print aside because it wasn’t the original.

Here’s the other thing.  Why do artists need to be in juried shows?  The money?  I don’t see major award in the competition ads.  If they advertise  $5000 winnings, they are usually divided up into a $1000, with multiple smaller award following.  So it cannot be this.  There must be another reward for entering – not to mention the entry fee for the judges to  reject my rendering.

What is your reason for entering competition?

Okay, there is one more gripe needing explanation.  What is with these cliquish art associations, leagues, and/or society?  I suppose self appreciation is better than no appreciation at all, but some of these border on the ridiculous.

Do you belong to a League?  What does it do for you?  I suppose I just haven’t connected with one of any quality or substance.  If I do, what should I expect from the association?

Enough for one night.  Its almost two in the morning.  I will probably be up all night cleaning in the studio.  I am planning to do some video work in there, and I shutter to think anyone would see my mess.  Clutter is distracting.  I totally get this.  I hate clutter, yet I still haven’t learned to pick up after myself.  Good thing I am paper trained!

Gotta run.  Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!


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