I have been making myself nuts for the past few hours trying to figure this out and I cannot.  If there are any photo gurus out there, please listen to my plea from this waste land.

  1. I want to sell my digital prints on Etsy
  2. I need to understand how to make my jpegs into different sizes.  How can I do this? (8×10, 5×7, 11×14)  And if I manage somehow to figure this part out, how do I determine if an size is going to be to large and become all pix-elated?
  3. If I sell them as they are, I have no control over how they are reprinted, and the person doing it may be as dumb as me, and try to print a size that would not be compatible with what I have managed to send them.
  4. I have had many drawing reprinted without any problem with different sizes, but occasionally, my signature will be left off or the top of something will be cropped away.  I can live with that, but I wouldn’t expect my customer to do the same
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I am open to all suggestions.

Thank you


  1. I sell prints on FAA and they suggest sizes, which I choose and put a mark up on. I put my trust in them to know what they are doing when selling different sizes. The public will not buy pixelated and badly printed stuff – FAA are the professionals, so I leave that up to them and I have never had a problem. With regard to the signature cropping, which can happen, make sure you put your signature in an area that cannot be cropped, even if you have to do a less obvious one, at least you know it is there and cannot be cropped.

    1. I thank you so much for responding. I sell on FAA too, for a few years, but have yet to sell anything – unless I buy it. When I decided to sell on Etsy, I wanted to offer the most common sizes because of framing issues, and Etsy wanted a transfer file for each size. Some of my prints drawings were either weird sizes, or because of the blur I created on purpose, a few showed they couldn’t be printed at any size. So off to the App Store. I did learn (eventually!) how to change the size of all the prints, and change the dpi from as low as 72 to a printable 300.
      As you can see, you were the only kind person to respond to my dilemma. Thanks again!

      1. You lost me at “a transfer file for each size” 😁 that is complicated for me that’s why I like FAA they deal with that stuff. I’m glad you sorted stuff out at the app store. The more we know the better. Good luck with sales and happy painting.

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