I wish I could see my readers…but then maybe not so much.  I think I must miss body language, and it leaves me suspecting any replies I might receive as a comment.  And I bet after you read this, you will say to yourself – “Then why would I reply if I am going to be suspected of insincerity?”  Well, you might respond just to prove me wrong, or as a double dog dare?

Have you ever been in a work group, people you may know very little about or even just met, and find there is that one person you really really don’t like.  Why is that. I wonder.  Maybe subconsciously they remind you of someone you knew in the past.  Of course, there is just the opposite.  You meet someone and there is a sudden familiarity, and you really really like them.  And then there are the friends you have made but it happened over a long period of time.  Do you think of those three that one has a greater weight of a valid relationship?

I can say when I get the sudden dislike for a person, it’s usually a life long deal.  Of the handful of people  falling  into this category,  I cannot recall every changing my mind about them.  The friends have been friends forever no matter what the circumstance or the time of separation – we have remained friends.

We are a complicated race of individuals.

Alcohol Inks

Just read an article posted on Alcohol Inks (AI).  Couldn’t have come at a better time.  I am going to start doing some YouTube video tutorials on introductory use of AIs.  So far, I have my plan written out and as soon as I can get my camera charged up, I will be channeling  Cecil B DeMille.  There is a lot to cover in the intro phase, but I think it can be done in a 20 min video – or not.  I am sure to find out.

Anyone with some advice on making a tut vid, please comment – I promise not to question your sincerity!

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