Blogging and flogging

It doesnt come easIly this thing called blogging.  At times, or should I say at most times, I find its a lot like talking out loud to no one in an auditorium.  So to solve this problem, I decided to pick a subject and jot a few thoughts down.  My subject tonight is art – specifically, my art and my development of how I permit it to use me.

Always had a penchant for picking up a pencil or crayon and just doodling.  Can’t think of a time that I wouldn’t do this, even as a small child.  I can recall the color I loved most.  It was a thick water based crayon  the color of a deep blue green.  Rich blue green that had the ability to change from a transparent color to an opaque color.  Just a lushous rich color.  Gee I miss that crayon a lot.  I know it was probably lost in the few moves we made from one flat to the next, and forgotten.

So here I find myself approaching the end of my life span, finding that I am giving myself permission to search for my beloved blue green watery crayon.  It’s no longer necessary for me to believe that I am an artist any more than it was necessary for me to believe I was a nurse.

To be a nurse requires years of training to learn what you already know in your soul.  The internal knowledge has to be trained to make sense of the nurse sounds coming from your heart, just so you don’t kill or mame anyone.   Which is a good thing, but you must beleive in another’s oplnion of your abilities to nurse.  And you must have some sort of certificate indicating you have been minimally educated in the nursing arts.  And there we have it…

Back to the arts….but here in my digital computer world, I don’t need no stink’n deploma or degree to foist myself on the unsuspecting public while I create with pixel dust…at least not yet.

the few art classes i took in college made me nuts.  Draw this line this way.  Draw this line this way and put it over here, etc, etc, etc!  Never mind that I didn’t want it there, but if I wanted a grade, I best follow instructions.  Now I don’t need this grade.  All I need is my blue green water color generated by  my app and I am happy.

This week, after finishing up some trays, I will start my video classes using alcohol inks.  Let’s just see if I can follow through with my own plan!

if you are like me, and suffer from fear of showing your art to the world, I suggest watching this video.  Then go read her book “Big Magic”.  You won’t be disappointed!

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